Flat Fee MLS Rental Listing


All listings come with one MLS entry. However, if your property is located in a small town, vacation or tourist destination you may want to enter your property in multiple MLS systems and expose your listing to Realtors who may not live in your area but are looking, or may have interested renters.

Included standard in our MLS listing package is our unlimited and Until It’s Sold scheduling and appointing booking service. With this service, we will:

  • Answer calls from prospective renters
  • Schedule appointments and showings on your schedule
  • Ask for feedback after the showing from prospective renters and forward responses to you.

With our fee-for-service listing package, you pay absolutely no rental commission to us for listing your property on the MLS! Simply pay an affordable flat fee, choose any applicable upgrades, and then we do what we do best and we expose your property to millions of people across the world!  All you then have to worry about is paying the Buyer’s commission when one comes along.

That’s right! When you work with WeSaySold.com, we will list your property on the same MLS Realtors® use for their listings--the same MLS Realtors® use when they are looking for properties to show their buyers – Expert tip: if you offer a reasonable rental commission to any agent who brings you a buyer, it will keep other Realtors® motivated to show your property and potentially lower your average days on market.

Yep! We are tired of those ugly “For Rent” signs, too! Our team of expert marketers have designed a sign that not only looks great, but grabs attention! With our flat-fee listing package, our standard sign is included at no extra charge. However, if you want to make a bigger impact, upgrade to our elegant white post and sign package.

Secure and Track Access to your Property by adding an electronic lock box (ELB). Not only will you have peace of mind knowing who is in your property and when, you will also make your listing easier to show for licensed real estate agents because it’s more simple to access. Where Electronic Lock Boxes are not available (not part of the association), combo lock boxes are available.

Not only do we list your property on the same MLS Realtors® use, but we also syndicate your property listing to several other sites, who then also syndicate that information to other sites.

Take up to 24 photos and our tech-savvy team will upload them to your MLS listing and the maximum allowable of those 24 on other partner sites—or upgrade and we will put you in touch with one of our vetted professional property photographers who will capture your property’s best side.

Your MLS listing package is up “Until It’s Sold®”--which means we will keep your property on the MLS until it sells or until you cancel your listing agreement with WeSaySold.com.

We are not happy unless you’re happy. While we have helpful agents, a wide knowledge-base, and an open phone line--if you are unhappy for any reason you have the choice to cancel your flat-fee contract with us. That’s our hybrid model.

To list your property now, head on over to WeSaySold.com, or give us a call at 321-396-6955!

Already have a sign? Lockbox? Want to take the calls and schedule all the appointments on your own? If so, simply check the “DO NOT INCLUDE” boxes and we will deduct the cost from your total. It’s that easy.