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Managing Broker, James Timothy White embraces Andrew Easler, Real Estate Investor

We Say Sold Inc. was formed with one goal: to provide outstanding full-service and alternative real estate services to our customers by giving our experienced agents the freedom and resources to get the deal done. Most real estate firms today have failed their customer in, but not limited to: the price of services and creative thinking. In terms of price, we believe that traditional real estate brokerages have a broken business model.

The commission or fees that most brokerages charge are outdated and have not kept up with the technological advances in our industry.  This current and most popular model is not designed to deliver real estate services at a fair and reasonable cost to the consumer, instead, it pays for the unneeded overhead of the broker such as large offices, fancy vehicles,  gimmicks and frills that consumers don’t want or need.  Instead of having fancy offices, we take the money that other brokerages use to pay overhead and use it to expose your home to more people, thus, we are more likely to get you the highest dollar possible.

In terms of thinking, traditional real-estate firms often have new recruits or agents with little or no real-world experience. Without it, they are challenged to see beyond the technical issues and effectively grasp the strategic objectives behind decision-making. Without it, they do not fully understand how to work effectively with sellers, buyers, first time home buyers, investors and even flippers, let alone the mortgage brokers.

As a result of our brokers real-world experience we came up with one of the first hybrid real estate brokerage models and today We Say Sold Inc. provides full-service for those who need more help, fee-for-service for those who want to pay for limited services they receive from our agents, and a simple no frills MLS listing  for those who can do it on their own but just need access to our tools, such as former real estate agents or investors

In 2013, James became a real estate agent and work with a few brokers who only reinforced his feelings about the industry. In January of 2015, James became a licensed real estate broker, sold his venture capital firm, and subsequently founded We Say Sold Inc, a brokerage working with real estate buyers and sellers across the State of Florida.