About Us

Sue E. Borrelli

Sue E. Borrelli:
Real Estate Broker & CEO

Sue is our CEO and Licensed Real Estate Broker. She and her husband, Chuck, have been Real Estate investors since 2013 as “flippers”, landlords, and developers. Because of her experience, she’s navigated through a variety of difficult situations that don’t usually happen in traditional real estate transactions.

Sue’s Best Quote:
“Chuck refers to me as a Pitbull, but I like to call it persistence and follow-through.”

-Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist -Co-owner of House Beagle LLC

Member of:
-Central Florida Real Estate Investors Association
-National Association of Realtors
-Florida Association of Realtors
-Space Coast Association of Realtors

Charles (Chuck) Borrelli:
President and Project Manager

Chuck manages our renovation projects, but also is a great sounding board when challenges arise. He instinctively knows, within a few thousand dollars, what a home renovation will cost. He’s well-versed on the magnitude, options, and current costs of repairs and modifications, which makes him a great resource for our buyers and sellers.

Chuck’s Best Quote:
“Your real barriers are all between your two ears.”

-Co-owner of House Beagle LLC
-Member of Central Florida Real Estate Investors Association

Michael Anthony DiGennaro:
Licensed Real Estate Agent

Michael has over 30 years of experience in sales where his customer-focused strategy helped him become one of the tops salesmen in his industry. He was consistently ranked in the top 40, ranked #12 in the country for proficiency, and has presided over more than 50,000 transactions in his career.