Become An Agent

The market is adapting to a newer demographic and every surviving agent needs a brokerage that will adapt with them. wants to inspire you to be more motivated and make more money.  At We Say Sold, you can become the agent you’ve always known you can be.  We encourage you to develop your entrepreneurial spirit, and help you to foster and refine your ideas, catch and compose your own deals, and inspire you to make and do more.

Why Work With We Say Sold?  Click on each + below to learn why!

Your broker is available to assist you whenever needed. Agent training is customized to what each individual needs and wants. You won’t be asked to attend training for something you’ve already mastered or something you don’t intend to use. You’re also encouraged to seek out training on your own. After all, that’s what professionals do! Your broker can help you find the training you need, but is not going to micromanage you or your work.
Our company is designed to let you make more as you rely less on your broker for assistance. The more experienced the agent, the less support they need from their broker, the more commission they get to keep. Doesn’t that just make good sense? Agents with more than a year experience pay only $199/month + $595 per transaction. All company leads are a 70/30 split. Remember, there are no additional fees!
Most brokers charge agents fees on top of their commission splits, like E & O Insurance, and Franchise Fees. Without these hidden fees, you make more money, which means you can spend time and money on marketing yourself. At We Say Sold, your commission plan is what we say it is, nothing more, nothing less. And Errors and Omissions Insurance is included at no additional charge.
We want you to spend more time selling and less time in meetings. We may use a variety of methods to get information to you, including virtual meetings, phone, or email. Of course, optional in-person meetings will occasionally be available, for example, if we’re launching something new. But remember, that doesn’t mean you’re completely on your own! Your broker is available to meet your needs.
At we generate leads through our website and refer them to our agents. When a customer signs up to preview or search a home, their information is immediately emailed so we can promptly follow-up with them. Your broker is always looking for ways to find more leads, including networking with her personal contacts.
Integrity and ethics are important to us. We believe that fairness and teamwork are essential to everyone's success. At We Say Sold, you'll see fair treatment from your broker and cooperation among agents. When one hand washes another, everyone wins!