Cocoa Beach Flat Fee MLS Listings

When it comes to selling your home, you have a few decisions you have to make. One of the most important is whether you want to work with a traditional broker, or you want to go with flat fee MLS listings in Cocoa Beach instead.

Traditional broker home sales do have their benefits, but they also come with a significant drawback – a 6% commission that eats into your profits when the home sells. Even though 6% seems like a small amount, if you are selling a home worth $300,000, that $18,000 chunk coming right off the top isn’t quite as insignificant after all. That money would be put to better use for a down payment, renovations or other expenses.

Flat fee MLS listings in Cocoa Beach allow you to harness the power of the Internet to sell your home, without having to pay such a high commission. Instead, you pay a flat fee that ensures your home is listed on local MLS listings. While you may work with a broker when you choose to sell your home this way, there are a few significant differences that can result in considerable savings for you.

The first difference is that the commission you pay to a flat fee broker is considerably less than what you would pay with a traditional realtor. The second benefit is that you have complete control over selling your home. Finally, this type of listing provides the potential for you to eliminate commission payments altogether.

If you work with a broker to list your home using flat free MLS listings in Cocoa Beach, private buyers can contact you directly. If the two of you work out an agreement for the purchase, you don’t have to pay the broker’s commission. This means you get to keep all the profits from the sale of your home.

If all of this sounds too simple, keep in mind that is just because the traditional route is much more complicated than it needs to be. When you consider the benefits and the simplicity of selling your home, you will realize the potential profits available to you.

If you are ready to take charge of selling your home with flat fee MLS listings in Cocoa Beach, take the time to contact us today. We will explain the benefits and what you can expect so you can get started with your listing right away.


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