Forget saving money, just tell me what I’m going to get.

The commission only package is great for anyone who is unable to pay up-front service fees but still wants the same great service as the platinum package that we offer at

Pay no fees, but you pay commission:

With the commission package you pay absolutely no up-front fees to us for listing your home, we will sign an exclusive agency listing agreement with you and perform the same services as the Platinum Package, but instead of paying a discounted up-front fees you will pay our agreed to commission for selling your home.

Beautiful yard sign installed

We will install and remove a professional, beautiful designed for sale sign in your front yard so anyone who drives by your house will know you want it sold.

Listed on the same MLS Realtors® Use

That’s right when you work with we will list your house the same MLS Realtors use for their listings which is also the same MLS Realtors use when they are looking for home to show their buyers – if you offer a reasonable buyer’s agent commission will keep other Realtors motivated to show your home.

Listed on and partner sites

Not only do we list your home on the same MLS Realtors use, but we also syndicated listing information and upload it to many partner sites, we have attached a graphic below.

Syndicated Partner Sites

Featured on

Not only will your home be featured on the MLS that Realtors use and our partner sites, we’ll post it on the featured section of our home page where our visitors will be directed to a custom landing page ( with a write up of your home, details, statistics, and those beautiful pictures displayed.

Professional Photo Shoot will send out a professional photographer and take up to 15 phots of your home an upload them to the MLS and various syndicated partner sites to show what a great buy it is and give potential buyer the “WOW” factor.

Social Media Marketing + Promoted Posts

After your house is listed on the MLS, we will market your home on all our social media accounts, and a few other great classified sites like craigslist, maximum exposure and spend cold hard cash to add exposure juice and so you can sell your home that much faster.

Listed Until It’s Sold™

The Platinum MLS Flat Fee package comes with a Unit It’s Sold™ listing which means well keep it on the MLS until it sells or until you cancel your listing agreement with

Schedule Showings, Deal With Other Realtors and Negotiate 

With the Platinum and commission only package our experienced team of Realtors will deal with the entire process of selling your home including, showing it, dealing with calls and appointment setting as answering any questions other buyers have if they are not represented by a buyers agent.

 We’ll write up Contract

Congratulations, you’ve found a buyer! When this happens simply give our transaction desk a call and we will write up the association approved real estate contracts for you, and send them out to both of you for e-signature.

Attend Title Company Closing

When you or a buyer’s agent finds a buyer for your home we will attend the closing at the title company of the buyer’s and/or seller’s choice within city limits where the home is located. We will, along with the title company help you understand the costs and review the information to ensure you’re taken care of.

Cancel anytime with a penalty

We’re not happy until you’re happy. If you are unhappy for any reason give us a call and we’ll take the listing down and cancel your contact with That being said because we use our resources to market your home you must pay the cancelation fee that was agreed to in your exclusive listing contact.