We’re Realtors® and we know that when you’re buying, selling or investing in anything real estate you will eventually need to find handy type people and the first person you ask is your local Realtors. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this business we do not recommend anyone specific but have some really, really good resources you can choose from that will provide plenty of third party reviews, and of course if you’re working with an agent they may use their own preferred and trusted handy type people but we feel it’s best to always get multiple quotes and estimates on the work that you would like to complete.

When hiring handy type people make sure you always pay by credit card, never check, cash, or money order. Here are some very basic questions you should think about and ask when hiring any handy type person or contractor:

  • Does your handy person have an office?
  • Does your handy person have insurance and adequate coverage?
  • Does the company below to an association like the Better Business Bureau?
  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Does the contractor have a customer service team?
  • Has the handy person given you a good scope of work in writing?
  • Does your handy type person hold a license for the specific work?
  • Did you google them? anything bad, good? any red flags?

By asking these questions and more you will have a higher chance of achieving the desired outcome of your project. That being said here are some sites we highly recommend to find handy type people and contractors: