Flat Fee MLS Listings in Eau Gallie

If you have a home to sell in Eau Gallie, you need to take the time to consider all of your options for the sale. While you can choose to work with a realtor, that might not be the best option – especially when you consider how much the commission will eat into your profits. Even though 6% doesn’t really seem like that large of a number, it translates into thousands of dollars when you sell your home.

“For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) is another option that many people choose – especially considering that it allows them to keep the profits to themselves when the home is sold. However, this method does require extensive work on your part to make sure you generate interest and find a buyer. You won’t have access to some of the major realty sites, which means your Eau Gallie home may not be seen by as many people as it might with a realtor involved.

Another choice is flat fee MLS listings. This option requires you to pay an affordable flat fee to get your home listed on MLS and other major realty sites. This fee will give you a broker who will work with you to sell your home as quickly as possible. During the selling process, you will also have the option to locate your own buyer and negotiate a deal on your own, without requiring the broker to be involved. The major benefit of using flat fee MLS listings in Eau Gallie is that when your home sells, you will not have to pay a commission to your broker. While you will have to pay a small commission of up to 3% if your buyer uses an agent, the rest of the profits are yours.

Obviously, being able to keep all or most of the profits from the sale of your home is a major benefit. That extra cash will allow you to put down a larger down payment on a new home, or complete renovations if you desire. The extra cash is yours to do with as you please, and considering it will be thousands of dollars more in your pocket, you can do a lot with it.

Selling your home does not have to be complicated or cost you several thousand dollars. If you are interested in flat fee MLS listings in Eau Gallie, or you have questions, please contact us today.


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