Flat Fee MLS Listings in Indian Harbour Beach

Indian Harbour Beach is a beautiful location, but the time may come when you need to sell your home. Whether you are selling out of necessity, or because you want to move on to another great location, the first thing you have to do is decide how you want to go about selling your home.

One way to sell your home is by using a service that provides flat fee MLS listings in Indian Harbour Beach. This method of home sales allows you to harness the power and exposure of the Internet to sell your home. While you may be thinking this sounds just like a traditional broker sale, that isn’t quite the case.

Flat fee MLS listings in Indian Harbour Beach allow you pay a flat fee in order to have your home listed in local MLS. When you pay this fee, you will be working with a broker to sell your home just as you would with a traditional realtor. However, the difference lies in the commission. Unlike the 6% charged by traditional brokers, you and your flat fee broker will agree to a much lower commission before your home is listed. Once you sell your home, you will then have to pay the agreed upon commission.

There is one major difference between traditional home sales and flat fee MLS listings – you actually remain in control of the sale of your home. This means that if a private buyer contacts you, the two of you can work out the purchase of the home on your own. In this case, you will not have to pay the broker commission when your home sells.

Flat fee MLS listings in Indian Harbour Beach provide you with the potential to save considerably on the costs of selling your home. Even if the broker facilitates the sale for you, the commission you pay will be considerably lower than that of traditional realtors. Additionally, the potential savings that you can see without having to pay a commission at all with a by owner sale only adds more money to your own pockets.

If you are ready to sell your home, contact us about flat fee MLS listings in Indian Harbour Beach. With more control and serious savings on selling your home, you will quickly understand why more people are opting for this method, rather than going the traditional route.


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