Flat Fee MLS Listings in June Park

Selling your home used to require you to find a realtor, hand over control of the sale of your home, and then wait for a buyer. When your home did sell, you also had to pay the realtor his or her 6% commission. If you’ve never sold a home, then that might not sound like such a large commission, but when you’re talking thousands of dollars, it does become significant very quickly.

Now that we live in the technological age, selling your home is not only much less complicated, it is also much more lucrative for you. Flat fee MLS listings in June Park provide you with an alternative to realtor-based home sales, and the results will be more money in your own pocket when your home sells.

Flat fee MLS is a simple process. You simply pay a flat rate, and your home is listed by an agent on local MLS and other popular realty sites. Your agent will work with you to ensure that as many potential buyers see your home as possible, ensuring it sells quickly. A major consideration when it comes to selling with flat fee MLS listings in June Park is that you retain the right to assist with the selling the home. In fact, if you negotiate a deal, you won’t even have to pay your agent a commission at all.

To be clear, when selling a home, it is customary to pay the buyer’s agent a small 2% to 3% commission. However, with flat fee MLS, the amount you pay the buyer’s agent is agreed upon before the home ever sells. If your home sells for more than the asking price, you won’t have to pay a larger amount either.

As you can see, flat fee MLS listings in June Park are a much more profitable option for selling your home. Not only do you remain a part of the sale, you will pay less than half of what you would pay a traditional realtor. This means you will have extra to put down for a down payment on a new home, or additional funds to handle renovations on a fixer-upper. No matter what you plan on doing with the money you receive from the sale of your home, with flat fee MLS listings in June Park, you can be sure you will have considerably more than you would with a realtor.


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