Flat Fee MLS Listings in Melbourne Beach

Melbourne Beach is a gorgeous area, and if you are considering selling your home in the area, you may be trying to figure out the best approach to finding a buyer. While you always have the option to work with a realtor, that might not be the best option.

Traditional realtor home selling requires you to essentially give up control on the sale of your home. When you do that, the realtor handles listing and advertising for your home, as well as negotiations with buyers. While that may seem appealing to some, the end result is a 6% or higher commission that you will have to pay when your home sells.

While 6% may not seem all that high, doing a little math can show you the reality of that number. The current home value in Melbourne Beach is around $310,000. That means you will end up paying $18,600 in commission. Additionally, if the buyer is also using an agent, you will need to take another 3% onto the amount. If you are moving to a larger home, those profits could certainly be put to better use.

Another option is flat fee MLS listings in Melbourne Beach. When you opt for flat fee listings, you pay a set fee for your home to be listed on the MLS. While you will still work with a broker, there are also other differences. First, if the broker finds a buyer for your home, you will have to pay a commission, but it will be much lower than the traditional realtor option. Secondly, you can maintain your own “For Sale by Owner” option as well, which means private buyers can contact you about the listing. Third, if you and the buyer come to an agreement on the sale, you will not have to pay the broker a commission.

There is another similarity between these two options – if the buyer you negotiate with is using an agent, you will have to pay between a 2% and 3% commission to him or her. However, this is still considerably lower than the realtor option. This means that whether the broker finds a buyer or you do, you will still end up with more of the profits in your own pocket.

Flat fee MLS listings in Melbourne Beach is a much better option for your bottom line. If you are interested in finding out more, contact us today.


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