Flat Fee MLS Listings in Mims

There is no denying that the Internet has had a serious impact on many aspects of our daily lives. Today’s technological focus has made a variety of things easier, and one of those is selling your home. While you might have once only had the option of using a realtor to sell your home for a whopping 6% commission, that is no longer the case. Now, instead of losing thousands of dollars to the realtor, you can increase your profits when you sell your home.

Flat fee MLS listings in Mims allows you to take advantage of paying a flat fee in order to have your home listed on MLS, which is the most popular realty website available. Additionally, your agent will also list your home on other major sites as well, ensuring that your home receives the attention it needs from potential buyers.

Another significant difference between flat fee MLS and realtors is that you have the option to find your own buyer, as well. Private buyers can call you themselves, without having to speak to your agent. This means you can negotiate the deal on your own, and avoid paying any commissions to your agent – if the buyer has an agent, however, you will have to pay an amount that was agreed upon when you started with the service. However, this will still be considerably lower than traditional realtor sales.

Flat fee MLS provides you with the options you need to sell your home, without sacrificing control of the sale to the realtor. You can choose how much or how little you want to be involved in the process, and your agent will assist in those areas. You will also determine set amounts that you agree to pay when your home sells. The good news is, even if your home sells for more than the original price, you won’t be charged any more than the agreed upon price.

The end result of flat fee MLS listings in Mims is that you sell your home quickly, and end up with more profits than are possible with a realtor’s 6% commission coming right off the top. This additional money can go towards a down payment, renovations or any other activity you might be interested in, rather than into someone else’s pocket.

If you’re ready to sell in Mims, flat fee MLS listings is a great option – contact us today to find out more.


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