Flat Fee MLS Listings in Palm Bay

Are you ready to sell your home in Palm Bay? If so, you have a decision to make – do you work with a real estate broker or do you opt for a flat fee MLS listing? While the ultimate choice is up to you, there are a few important reasons you might want to consider the flat fee option.

When you work with a traditional realtor, you are essentially handing over control of the sale of your home. Your realtor will help set the selling price, advertise, speak with buyers and ultimately negotiate any deals among other things. While that may sound like a great option, you have to consider the costs involved. Most real estate brokers charge around 6% commission when your home sells. This means that if you are selling a home for $350,000, you will automatically have to pay the realtor $21,000 right off the top of your profits. That is all money that you could use for other things, such as the down payment on a new home, renovations, and many other things.

If you choose to use our flat fee MLS listing service in Palm Bay, you will pay a flat fee to have your home listed in MLS. You will work with a broker who will work with you to determine the commission he or she will receive when you sell your home. This is considerably lower than the amount you would pay when going the traditional realtor route.

Another important consideration for flat fee listings in Palm Bay is that you retain control of the sale of your home. This means potential buyers can contact you directly. This allows you to retain “For Sale by Owner” status. If you work with a private buyer and negotiate the sale, you will not have to pay the listing broker commission. In this situation, you will keep considerably more of the profits from the sale, rather than having to give them to someone else.

Flat fee MLS listings in Palm Bay are a great option if you want to make sure your home receives the exposure it needs, and you want to see the greatest profits. If you are ready to sell your home, without having to automatically pay a high commission if it sells, contact us today. We will work with you to explain the benefits of using flat fee listings to sell your Palm Bay home.


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