Flat Fee MLS Listings in Pineda

Selling a home once required you to follow a fairly straightforward process – you hired a realtor and he or she helped you sell your home. Your role in the process was essentially to make sure your home was always ready to present to a potential buyer, and to wait until the home sold, and then hand over around 6% commission to the realtor. While this all seems easy, that commission can put a huge damper on your profits – especially for homes that sell in a higher price range. For example, a $300,000 home will require an $18,000 commission – this is obviously a significant sum, and one that you can likely put to use in much better ways than simply handing it over to a realtor.

If you are ready to keep more of your profits, it’s time to consider flat fee MLS listings for your Pineda home. This service helps you sell your home quickly, and minimizes or eliminates commissions altogether.

Flat fee MLS listing services like this one allow you to pay a flat fee to an agent who will ensure your listing is exposed on local MLS sites and major realty websites. The MLS is a major tool when it comes to selling your home, as most serious buyers check these listings first. Additionally, other brokers also use these sites to find their clients’ new homes. While you can sell your home without MLS listings in Pineda, it will likely take you much longer, and it will result in a much lower sale price as well.

When you opt for flat fee MLS listings in Pineda, you pay a rate that you and the agent agree on to sell your home. While there are commissions that may need to be paid to the buyer’s agent, it is typically half of what you would pay for a realtor sale. Additionally, you also have the option of selling your home on your own, without the broker being involved. Private buyers can contact you, and the two of you can negotiate a deal on your home. In this case, if the buyer is not working with an agent, the only thing you pay is the amount agreed upon when you started the service.

As you can see, flat fee MLS listings in Pineda allow you to increase the profits you see when you sell your home by eliminating that realtor commission – contact us today to get started!


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