Flat Fee & FSBO MLS Listing Service in Port St. John

If you’re ready to sell your home in Port St. John, there are a few things you should know before you find a realtor to work with. While using a realtor has long been the norm for selling a home, there are other options – especially if you want to keep more of the profits. When you work with a realtor, you automatically lose 6% of the sale price of your home in commissions. Even though that seems like a small amount on its own, if you are selling a $300,000 home, you’ll be losing $18,000 when it sells. If you want to keep more of those profits, it’s time to consider flat fee MLS listings in Port St. John.

Flat fee MLS services provide serious benefits for those who are selling a home. The process requires you and the agent to agree on a set rate. After that, the agent will list your home on local MLS and major real estate sites. This will increase the exposure of your home and ensure that potential buyers and other agents are aware of the listing. While a realtor does this as well, you won’t be paying anywhere close to that 6% commission.

Flat fee MLS listings in Port St. John essentially let you keep a “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) status, yet provide you with the support of an agent. This means that while the agent is working to sell your home, you can do so as well. If you find a potential buyer, or one contacts you directly, you can negotiate the deal yourself. If this happens, you won’t even have to involve your agent or the buyer’s agent, which means you won’t pay anything other than the fee that you and your agent agreed upon when you started the service. That is considerably less than what you will have to pay a realtor!

Port John flat fee MLS listings provide you with the opportunity to harness the power of the Internet to sell your home quickly, without involving a traditional realtor service. You receive more of the profits from the sale of your home, which adds up to a larger down payment on a new home or more money to complete renovations. While working with a realtor was the most common option for many years, you now have more options than ever, which leads to more profits as well.


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