Flat Fee MLS Listings in Scottsmoor

Are you selling your home in Scottsmoor? Do you want to make sure you receive the most profits when it sells? If so, keep reading to find out why flat fee MLS listings in Scottsmoor are a better option than working with a traditional realtor.

While working with a realtor was essentially your only option for selling your home in the past, that is no longer the case. The days of handing over control of the sale, and then handing over a 6% commission as well are over. Instead of paying a realtor thousands of dollars to sell your home, you can use flat fee MLS listings and drastically reduce the commission you pay at closing.

With flat fee MLS in Scottsmoor, all you have to do is pay a flat rate that you and your agent agree to when you start the service. In return, your home is listed on local MLS and major real estate websites. This means that potential buyers and brokers are more likely to see your home, since MLS sites are where serious buyers look first. While you get this same service with a realtor, you won’t pay a flat rate – if your home sells for more than your asking price, the amount you pay the realtor increases. With flat fee MLS, you only pay the agreed amount, no matter how much your home sells for.

In addition to the flat rate for MLS listings, you will also have to agree to a commission that you will pay a buyer’s agent if one is involved in the sale. Even with this commission and the fee, you will still pay half or even less than what you would you pay a realtor.

Another important consideration for flat fee MLS listings in Scottsmoor is the fact that you retain your “For Sale by Owner” status if you desire. This means you stay involved with the sale, and can even locate a buyer on your own. If you and a potential buyer agree to a deal on the home without any agents (either yours or the buyers) involved, all you will pay is the flat fee – you won’t have to pay any commissions at all.

The real estate landscape is changing, and a realtor is not your only option. If you are ready to sell your home using flat fee MLS listings in Scottsmoor, contact us today.


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