Flat Fee MLS Listings in South Patrick Shores

If the time has come to sell your South Patrick Shores home, you are likely looking for the best way to do so. While you can always go the traditional realtor route, which essentially means you hand over control of the sale, and pay a commission at the end, are you sure you really want to do that? The average commission for a realtor home sale is 6%. While that doesn’t really seem like much, keep this in mind – the commission on a $300,000 is $18,000. When you put that amount in perspective, it shows you just how much of your potential profits you will have to give up to the realtor when your home sells.

If giving away that much of your potential down payment or renovation fund doesn’t sit all that well with you, don’t worry, because there is another option: flat fee MLS listings in South Patrick Shores. This option eliminates that 6% commission, and replaces it with a flat fee that you and the agent agree upon when you sign up for the service. That fee will get you an agent that works with you to ensure your home sells quickly by listing on local MLS sites and other major real estate websites. This means your listing will be seen by a greater number of potential buyers, which also gives you the potential for an increased selling price as well, depending on the number of interested parties.

Flat fee MLS listings in South Patrick Shores may require you to pay a predetermined commission to a buyer’s agent if one is involved in the sale. However, the flat rate plus that commission will still be considerably lower than what you would pay a realtor – usually around half that amount. However, as you can assist with selling your home as if you were handling a “For Sale by Owner”, you may not have to pay a buyer’s agent commission at all. If a private buyer contacts you and the two of you reach an agreement for the sale, all you have to pay is the original flat fee that you agreed to when you signed up for the service.

If you are ready to sell your home, and receive more of the profits at the same time, flat fee MLS listings in South Patrick Shores is a better option. Contact us today to find out more so you can get started.


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