Flat Fee MLS Listings in Titusville

Selling your home can be challenging, especially if you aren’t sure of the best options for selling. Generally, you can choose to work with a realtor, complete the sale all on your own as a “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO), or you can consider flat fee MLS listings. However, before you make your decision, there are a few things you need to know.

Working with a traditional realtor gives you the benefit of someone else handling the MLS listing, advertising, open houses and negotiations with buyers. However, this method also requires you to pay your realtor a commission that can be as much as 6% or higher.

If you opt for the FSBO option, you have to handle the entire process on your own, including making sure your listing gets noticed. While this option is significantly more time consuming and difficult, it does allow you to keep all the profits from the sale.

Flat fee MLS listings in Titusville are another option. With this, you will pay a flat fee to have your home added in the MLS. You will work with a broker who will help you with the sale, but you also manage to retain some of the FSBO method as well. You will have to pay the broker a commission, but it is much smaller than traditional realtors are. While you are working with the broker, private buyers can also contact you directly. If you and the buyer negotiate the sale without the broker’s assistance, you won’t even have to pay the low commission. Instead, you will sell your home and only pay the flat fee – the rest of the profits go to you.

Titusville flat fee MLS listings are a combination of traditional realty and FSBO. The overall costs associated with this method are considerably lower than working with a realtor alone. You will be able to ensure you listing is seen by as many potential buyers as possible, without having to do it all on your own. When you consider the possibilities of the additional profits, it’s easy to see why so many are choosing to go with this type of home sale.

If you are ready to sell your home, and you want to do it in a way that affords the most benefit with the least amount out of your time and profits on the line, then contact us today about flat fee MLS listings in Titusville.


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