Flat Fee MLS Listings in Tropic

Selling your home used to require you to work with a realtor. He or she would handle all aspects of the selling process, with the understanding that you are obligated to pay a commission when the home sells. While this may sound like an easy process, it is also an expensive one – the typical commission for a realtor is 6% of whatever the final selling price is. Granted, that seems like such a small number on its own; however, if your home sells for $300,000, are you ready to give up $18,000 of your profits? If not, it’s time to consider another option.

Flat fee MLS listings in Tropic allow you to sell your home, without forking over thousands of dollars to your realtor. Instead, you and an agent agree to a set fee. After that, your agent will list your home on local MLS and real estate websites, ensuring your listing is seen by serious buyers and brokers. Your agent will also assist with advertising and other aspects as well to help you sell your home quickly.

When you choose flat fee MLS in Tropic, you also provide yourself with the option to be involved with the sale as if you were doing a “For Sale by Owner”. This means you will be able to find a buyer on your own, and negotiate with private buyers who contact you. If you reach an agreement with a private buyer that isn’t using an agent, you will not pay any commission at all. If the buyer does have an agent, you will need to pay a small percentage to him or her, but this will still be around half of what you would pay a realtor, and even lower than that if the realtor sale also included a buyer’s agent.

When it comes to selling a home, your ultimate goal is obviously to do so quickly, and for the highest price possible. With flat fee MLS listings in Tropic, that is exactly what you get. Your listing being active on local MLS and realtor sites will ensure the right buyers see it, and that you minimize what you have to pay when the home sells, so that you can keep more of the proceeds in your own pocket for more important things.

If you’re ready to sell with flat fee MLS listings in Tropic, please contact us today for more information so you can get started.


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