IMG_068How would you describe your ideal broker? Would he be experienced, well-rounded, entrepreneurial, knowledgeable, and have a strong network of investors? If so, James Timothy White is your perfect Broker. This is what it means to James to be:

Experienced & Entrepreneurial

With over ten years of experience as a real estate investor in Canada, Texas, and Florida himself, James knows a good deal when he sees one. It is imperative that when you are making what is probably one of the largest financial decisions of your life, either buying or selling your home or investment property, that you get the best deal possible. Let James and his team of agents help you maximize the value of your next real estate deal.

Too often, real estate brokers and agents lose a passion, a drive, a hunger for the job. For the unfortunate buyer or seller, this means that your home may be listed on the MLS system, but the agent just isn’t willing to do the work to match the ideal buyer with the perfect home. This is not the case with James White, who fosters a burning entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for real estate in all of his agents. You can be certain that We Say Sold will find you the best deal in the fastest amount of time because they doesn’t work solely for commissions, but for the thrill of the deal.

Well-Rounded & Knowledgeable

In addition to his real estate sales and investing experience, James has also made significants investments in, or co-founded several different companies in sectors and industries including, but not limited to: landscaping companies, diesel repair shops, debt management and consolidation, marketing, and education companies and at 26 co-founded a europEuropeantor trust company.

He is committed to constantly learning more and improving his agents’ knowledge as the markets and laws change in the State of Florida and the United Sates and has a passion for learning which is why he obtained his GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute) designation from the National Association of Realtors in  2017.

A Strong Network of Investors

James has worked throughout his career to build a network of confident, trusted investors who may be willing to buy your property. The real estate market in Florida has some of the best long-term investment prospects available for investors, so investors are constantly asking James for more deals in Florida, and as an experienced businessman, James understands investments like few others in real estate. If you have money to invest right now, property is the only way to go and James is the broker who can set you up. Florida is the ideal region for investment because interest rates are low and older homes are underpriced. Additionally, rental rates are above average, and the market is just finally headed back up.

Most of the time, it does not take much to rejuvenate an older home in Florida and make it the perfect property for a family moving to or vacationing in Florida looking to rent. There are many promising homes in Florida that will make excellent rental properties for investors who need tax deductions. Another unique aspect of real estate investment is that there are still many properties in Florida in great neighborhoods that just need a little TLC, unlike some other regions of the US where many investment properties are located in neighborhoods with little or no hope of recovery.


Historical List of James Timothy White’s Achievements:

  • At the age of 12, started J & W Lawn Care & Snow Removal.
  • Awarded SNC Lavalin Nexacor contract to maintain Alberta SuperNet across the province.
  • Calgary Region Home Builders’ Association – Bob Ward Residence Volunteer Contributor.
  • Awarded the Canada Post contract to maintain all Canada Post sites across Alberta.
  • City of Calgary – BP Birth Forest Contributor and Volunteer planting 28,000 trees in Calgary.
  • Sold J & W Group (J & W Lawn Care & Snow Removal).
  • Featured in “Calgary Inc.” Meet your Match – Rookie Report
  • Founder and CEO of Canam Credit Company a Mergers and Acquisitions firm, later sold in 2008.
  • Featured in The Connectors by Maribeth Kuzmeski.
  • Featured in The Power of Persistence: Real Life Stories of People Creating Extraordinary Results by Justin Sachs.
  • As CEO of Eurotex Finanz Inc, help the company list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and became the world’s youngest CEO ever to be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange;later, in May of 2011 delisted the shares and took the company private.
  • Publication of fifth book – Born to Be Business $avvy: 31 Essential Business Tips from the Kid Millionaire on a Personal Journey.
  • Interviewed in Justin Sachs feature film, “Achieve Your Ultimate Success”
  • Founded private Luxembourg trust company, Eurotex Global Savings & Trust SA, and the same year sold to a private investment group based out of Europe.
  • Released Asset Protection: What If?
  • Founded, a online reputation management company.
  • Founded Eurogen Energy Inc., a dividend paying company. (Later merged with Dynamic Bear Inc.)
  • Founded Dynamic Bear Inc., a dividend paying company. (Later Sold in May 2015 to BizToolz Networks Inc., a New-York based enterprise)
  • Awarded the 2012 US Presidential Volunteer Service Award by Barack Obama
  • Founded JTW Vantage Group Inc., a private holding company managing investments in Canada, United States, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe.
  • Founded, an online legal services firm, later sold in 2013 to a group based out of Toronto, Canada.
  • Founded which helps small businesses establish, build, and improve business credit (Later sold in 2013 to a group in Toronto, Canada.)
  • Released new guide: “Learn What’s Best When You Invest”
  • Founded, a financial news publication (Later sold to an investment group based out of New York, New York)
  • Founded White Star Resources, Inc., an oil and gas investment company (later purchased by Eurogen Energy Inc, and merged with Dynamic Bear Inc., and then sold to a private group of investors from Canada and Hawaii)
  • Completed and passed the state-approved 63 hour Sales Associate Pre-License Course and Florida State Exam became a licensed Realtor and Business Broker in the State of Florida, until March 2015 when James passed the state exam to earn his Real Estate and Business Broker designation and later founded
  • Completed and Passed the National Realtor Associations Broker Price Opinion (BPO) Certification course.
  • Completed and passed the Community Association Manager’s course and licensed as Community Association Manager in the State of Florida.
  • Merged Eurogen Energy Inc. and Dynamic Bear Inc. to form one company.
  • Founded, a online content generation site for SEO’s, web marketing firms and small business owners, (Later combined with
  • Founded Binary Biometrics Inc.,  A Florida based Biometrics Company that provides identity solutions to local, state, and federal governments, as well as law enforcement  retail, travel, health and education industries that require identity and biometrics solutions to verify the identities of people in a position of trust.
  • Became Individually AdWords certified which covers the fundamental aspects of online advertising and campaign management, using Google tools like AdWords, Analytics and DoubleClick.
  • Completed Mastering QuickBooks Level 1 with Real Word Training.
  • Founded Drug Testing Courses Inc., a online school that offers the most comprehensive and accredited DOT and non-DOT drug testing, DNA and paternity testing education and development courses in the United States and Canada.
  • Sold White Star Resources Inc., to a small group of shareholders.
  • Completed and passed the state-approved 72 hour Broker Pre-License Course and Florida State Brokers Exam and is now a licensed Real Estate and Business Broker in the State of Florida.
  • Founded, Binary Applicant Checks (, a risk mitigation firm that provides real estate investors, managers and industry professionals with tenant applicant screening solutions.
  • Sold Dynamic Bear Inc. to New York based BizToolz Networks Inc.
  • Founded, real-estate brokerage which is a residential real estate company that provides fee for service and traditional full-service real estate brokerage services.
  • Became a regular co-host of CBS Sports & Entertainment’s “The Nick Carioti Show with James Timothy White” which airs live every sunday at 10AM EST on 93.1FM, 94.1FM and 810AM in Orlando and left the show in August 2015.