Our Company


We Say Sold Inc provides outstanding full-service and alternative real estate services from first-time home buyers to experienced investors.  Most real estate firms today operate a “cookie-cutter” model, failing their customers in flexibility and creative thinking.  Our agents are given the freedom and resources to work with each customer’s unique circumstances.

When you hire a company to buy or sell your home, they should use marketing methods that work. We use traditional marketing, out-of-the-box marketing, and cutting-edge online marketing. When you work with We Say Sold, you’re not just hiring a Realtor, you are hiring a marketing expert.  When you list your property with us, we don’t just put a sign on the lawn and “hope” your home finds a buyer.  We put your listing in front of the world by advertising your property on your local MLS, adding the listing to our website, and syndicating your listing to our partner sites including Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com. When you’re buying, we are going to look “off-market” as well, and connect you with the right resources to make your property search successful. Whether you’re buying or selling a family home, commercial property, or a fixer-upper, we have the know-how to put the right parties together.


Simple.  They are:

Entrepreneurial & Experienced:  Most of our agents are experienced, active investors; rehabbers, landlords, and developers who know how to get a deal done. They have a passion for real estate, and they know that challenges are opportunities in disguise. Traditional real-estate brokerages hire a lot of new recruits or agents with little “negotiation” experience.  Our agents understand how to work effectively with sellers, buyers, investors, and mortgage brokers. They are able to see beyond technical issues and effectively grasp the strategic objectives behind decision-making.

Knowledgeable:  Our agents are members of the National Association of Realtors, Florida Realtors Association, and the Space Coast Association of Realtors, where they can access a variety of educational opportunities. But in addition (because they are entrepreneurs) they tend to have other affiliations and methods of gaining new knowledge. They belong to Real Estate Investor Associations (REIAs), investor forums, and creative real estate networking groups.  If your agent doesn’t know the answer to your question, you can bet they have the resources to find out quickly.  Our agents aren’t just interested in fulfilling their licensing educational requirements.  They are truly committed to learning as much about the wide world of real estate as possible.

Autonomous:  Our broker doesn’t compete with agents, take a huge chunk of their commission, or micromanage them.  Our agents also help each other in a friendly way. Why is that important to you?  It means that your agent is highly motivated and able to make his or her own decisions about your deal.  Not having to get approval on every little thing they do allows them to work more efficiently for you.