We know you’ve been ready to move for a while; let us help you move out of that old brokerage and into a new home where you’ll become the agent you’ve always known you can be. What makes our brokerage the ideal switch?

To start, we operate a virtual office where we encourage you to develop your entrepreneurial spirit. This means helping you to foster and refine your ideas, to catch and compose your own deals, and to inspire you to make and do more.

So ask yourself, why do so many real estate agents fail within the first couple of years in the business? Of course, there are many reasons, but we have boiled them down to five reasons:

If the housing market is recovering, why is inadequate inventory in the market the number one complaint of agents? If the market is recovering, why are agents making less and less every year? The market is adapting to a newer demographic and every surviving agent needs a brokerage that will adapt with them.

This split was acceptable in the nineties when the pie was larger and there were fewer people competing for their piece, but the pie is now harder than ever to touch, much less eat. The number of real estate transactions has stagnated, but there are more agents competing for the same amount of transactions. As a result, income has decreased. The National Association of Realtors indicates that the median gross income of REALTORS® was $39,200 in 2015, down from $45,800 in 2014. Those agents with two years or less of experience in the field had a median gross income of only $8,500. When the average hours worked per week is 40 for an agent, that means for the first two years, agents can expect to make an average of $4.43 an hour–before insurance, dues, marketing, expenses or taxes (remember, 83% are contractors).  Can you imagine starting any other career where the average professional works essentially for free for the first two years? At WeSaySold.com we realize that something has to give; we give you options and products that allow you keep more of your commission, period.

Unlike the “other” brokers who will pigeonhole you into a system that only makes them rich and you ever poorer, at WeSaySold.com we not only inspire you to be the entrepreneur you can be, but we offer you a plethora of avenues to make money in real estate. The best part? Two of those avenues don’t even depend on you.

Most brokers charge agents fees on top of their commission splits, like E & O Insurance, office fees for photocopying, and so on. With all these fees you make less money, and when you make less money, that means you can't spend money on marketing for buyers and sellers.

The number of real estate transactions through agents are stagnating, but they aren’t disappearing. Sellers are now trying to do it themselves through online listing services or by listing it For Sale By Owner (FSBO). These customers are trying to save money, don’t trust agents, and/or don’t see the value in hiring an agent with a traditional commission split. These are Sellers who, in a traditional model, would never use an agent anyway, but because we are a hybrid business model we are able to recover some of that lost revenue. In our model, we allow DIY customers to choose to do it themselves online through our listing portal or choose to hire a full-service agent at any time. If they do it themselves and that customer is yours, you earn a commission; if they choose later on to hire an agent for full service, you can choose to receive the referral commission or the listing.

Most brokers only care about recruiting you to sell your family and friends and provide very little training. As a result, NAR reports that the average tenure for an agent at a firm has dropped from seven years in 2013 to five in 2014 to only three years in 2015. Have you ever asked yourself why most agents move from broker to broker? We believe it’s because most brokers can’t inspire themselves, let alone inspire you! At WeSaySold.com, we help you become entrepreneurs who work in real estate and elsewhere, not just sell real estate.

So why hang your license with WeSaySold.com?

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